Fertilizer source supplier

We provide the world's highest quality controlled release fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers and granular fertilizers, as well as the highest quality full service for export.

Water soluble fertilizer

Magric™ can provide sufficient nutrients for automated drip irrigation, with a dissolution rate of 99.97%

Controlled release fertilizer

Manacote™ is a fertilizer with various control mechanisms to delay the initial release of nutrients

Granular NPK

The technology is the nitrate urine phosphorus and potassium melt sprayed from the top of the granulation tower

The role of green manure

A. Green manure Green manure is a cultivated plant used primarily as a fertilizer. However, it is applied off-site with fresh plant bodies turned in

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About organic fertilizer

A、Organic fertilizer Organic fertilizer has more comprehensive nutrients and high organic matter content. At the same time, it can also play a role in loosening

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