Magric™ Water Soluble Fertilizer

        MagricTM water soluble fertilizer is a kind of fast-acting fertilizer, it has high water solubility and very low residual rate, he can almost completely dissolve in water, after experimental testing its water solubility rate is up to 99.97% or more, such a high dissolution rate is very conducive to the absorption of nutrients by crop roots and leaves. Water and fertilizer are used together to bring fertilizer with water, realizing the integration of water and fertilizer. Its effective absorption rate is not only more than double of common chemical fertilizer, reaching 80%-90%, but also fast absorption rate, which can solve the nutritional needs of high-yielding crops in the rapid growth period. With drip irrigation system, the water requirement is only 30% of that of ordinary chemical fertilizer, and the fertilization operation is almost free of manual labor, which greatly saves labor cost. Its extremely low residual rate reduces any blockage and damage to the pipeline of drip irrigation system as much as possible. By the way, many suppliers in the market now claim that the water-soluble fertilizer they sell can be 100% dissolved in water, which is impossible to achieve from common sense and theory. This is not possible from common sense and theory. Here to give you a popularization, most of the water-soluble fertilizers on the market generally have a dissolution rate between 90% and 99.98%. Generally, water soluble fertilizers with dissolution rate greater than 99.95% can meet the relevant standards of most countries.