Granular NPK fertilizer

 We use a high tower melt rotary granulation method to produce high concentration nitro compound fertilizer. The technology is the nitrate urine phosphorus and potassium melt sprayed from the top of the granulation tower, in the tower landing process while cooling agglomeration into particles, which is also called melt granulation method, the use of this method of production of compound fertilizer has the following benefits:
        First, the direct use of ammonium nitrate concentrated solution, eliminating the ammonium nitrate concentrated solution of the slurry granulation process, as well as the solid ammonium nitrate compound fertilizer system when the crushing operation, simplifying the production process, to ensure production safety.
        Second, the melt rotary granulation process makes full use of the thermal energy of ammonium nitrate concentrated solution, the material moisture content is very low, no drying process, greatly saving energy consumption. Third, it can produce high nitrogen, high concentration of compound fertilizer, the product particle surface is smooth and round, the percentage of qualified is very high, not easy to caking, easy to dissolve, which ensures that the product has a strong competitive advantage in terms of quality and cost from the production technology.