Growing techniques of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a perennial climbing succulent plant. It is named for its appearance of an angry red ball of fire. The taste is refreshing.

The role of green manure

A. Green manure Green manure is a cultivated plant used primarily as a fertilizer. However, it is applied off-site with fresh plant bodies turned in situ, or composted and composted. B. Types of green manure Green manure is mostly legumes, but also grasses and cruciferous plants. C. Planting green manure to improve organic matter However, […]

Coconut growing technology

When the coconut is ripe, its juice is as clear as water, sweet as honey, Pingying translucent, is an excellent cool thirst-quenching product.

The five basic principles of fertilization

A. Nutrient restitution doctrine In 1840, the outstanding great German chemist Li Bich proposed that as human beings continue to cultivate crops. The nutrients in the soil will become less and less due to the absorption and removal of crops. Which will inevitably lead to a decrease in ground power.The doctrine of nutrient restitution is […]

What is controlled release fertilizer(new)

A. Definition of controlled release fertilize Controlled release fertilizer is a fertilizer with various control mechanisms to delay the initial release of nutrients. And control the amount and rate of release of fertilizer nutrients according to crop demand. So as to keep the release of fertilizer nutrients in line with crop demand. And thus achieve […]

About organic fertilizer

A、Organic fertilizer Organic fertilizer has more comprehensive nutrients and high organic matter content. At the same time, it can also play a role in loosening the soil and fertilizing the ground. Improve the soil structure, improve crop yield and quality, etc. Therefore, it is loved by farmers and friends. However, there are many kinds of […]

How to use compound fertilizer

Compound chemical fertilizers are chemical fertilizers that contain two or more of the nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. A. Binary compound fertilizer (1) nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer ammonium phosphate: non-hygroscopic caking, easily soluble in thousands of water, aqueous solution pH 7.0 to 7.2. It is a chemically neutral fertilizer. Among them, nitrogen […]

How to use compound fertilizer (2)

A. Application of compound fertilizer five notes 1. After processing granulation of compound fertilizer than powder decomposition slowly, not easy to lose and volatile, fertilizer effect for a long time. 2. Crop seedlings need less nitrogen fertilizer, so for the sowing of crops with compound fertilizer as a base fertilizer. 3. Pay attention to the […]

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer

A. Summary of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers Plants need a good ecological environment for normal growth, and nutrient conditions are one of the important factors. In order to obtain a good harvest of agricultural products, fertilization is an indispensable measure. B. The basis for proper fertilization of plants It must be based on the […]

Common fertilization methods

A、Fruit tree fertilization 1、Soil fertilization Soil fertilization is the main way of artificial fertilization of large trees. Organic fertilizers and most inorganic fertilizers used by soil application. Soil application requires application below the surface layer of the soil. This facilitates absorption by the root system and also reduces fertilizer losses. Some fertilizers are volatile. Not […]