water-soluble fertilizer

A. Advantages of water-soluble fertilizer

Compared with the traditional varieties of calcium superphosphate and granulated compound fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer has obvious advantages. Water soluble and residue free, it can be completely dissolved in water. It can be absorbed and used directly by the roots and foliage of crops.

B. Using water and fertilizer together

With water with fertilizer, it realizes the integration of water and fertilizer. Its effective absorption rate is more than double that of ordinary chemical fertilizer, reaching 80%-90%; and the fertilizer effect is fast. It can solve the nutritional needs of high-yielding crops during the rapid growth period.

C. Cost saving

Firstly, with drip irrigation system, the water requirement is only 30% of the normal fertilizer, and the fertilizer application can be done almost without manual labor, and the labor cost is greatly saved. Secondly, more and more soil fertilizer experts, agricultural extension experts, agricultural dealers and farmers have recognized the importance of water-soluble fertilizers.

D. Methodology Tips

Water soluble fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer. Compared with traditional fertilizers, it not only has various formulations, but also has very flexible application methods.

1. Soil watering

First, the plant roots are fully exposed to the fertilizer, so the plant can breathe in various nutrients to its heart’s content

2. Foliar spraying

Most importantly, it enters the plant through the foliar stomata, thus increasing the fertilizer absorption rate

3.Drip irrigation and soilless cultivation

To save irrigation water and increase labor productivity. In the process of fertilization, it is important to combine the characteristics of water-soluble fertilizers in order to achieve the best results and to make sure to master the application techniques.

4. Avoid flushing water-soluble fertilizers

Because water-soluble fertilizers are different from general compound fertilizers, farmers will not be able to follow the conventional fertilization method. As a result of uneven application of fertilizer, there will be burned seedlings and root injury, small seedlings and weak seedlings, etc.. And the second dilution ensures that the fertilizer is flushed evenly, so that the fertilizer utilization rate can be improved.

5. Control the amount of water-soluble fertilizer fertilization

Since water soluble fertilizer has higher nutrient content than general compound fertilizer, its dosage is relatively small. But its quick-acting nature makes it difficult to stay in the soil for a long time. So it should strictly it control the amount of fertilizer applied. Avoid fertilizer loss that reduces the economic benefits of fertilization, thus failing to achieve the purpose of high yield, high quality and high efficiency.

6. alone or with non-alkaline pesticides

Most importantly, water soluble fertilizers should be applied alone or mixed with non-alkaline pesticides as much as possible. Thus avoid metal ions reacting to produce precipitation, which can cause leaf fertilization or drug damage.

7. Scope of use

First of all, water soluble fertilizer is a kind of fast-acting fertilizer, and its nutrients are more comprehensive. Secondly, there are different formulations of fertilizers according to the fertilizer requirements of different crops. Finally, there are special water soluble fertilizers for vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, grain, cotton, oil and other kinds of crops sold in the market.

8. Economic benefits brought by water-soluble fertilizer

Because of the short growth cycle of vegetables and high economic efficiency. Seat consumers demand high quality of vegetables. The same vegetable farmers also have higher requirements for fertilizers.

9. Preferred

First of all, the quality vegetables grown can sold at a good price and bring high profits. So vegetables become the main consumer of water-soluble fertilizer. Secondly, for field crops, because of its higher cost. So people are generally reluctant to invest in it and still only accept traditional fertilizers. In the same way it becomes the preferred fertilizer for vegetable farmers.

10. Domestic Status

Firstly, although water soluble fertilizer is just starting in China, the industry is generally optimistic about its prospect. Secondly, water-soluble fertilizer products and application technology meet the requirements of “low carbon, energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection”, so it has a very broad development prospect and a bright future.

11. Water-soluble fertilizer is an environmentally friendly fertilizer

Because water soluble fertilizer as a new environmentally friendly fertilizer can be sprayed easily, so flushing and can be used in combination with spray drip irrigation in improving fertilizer utilization. It also has obvious advantages in saving agricultural water, reducing ecological pollution, improving crop quality and reducing labor.

E. Water-soluble fertilizer as the key development direction

In addition with the intensification and scale of Chinese agriculture. The further scarcity of water resources and the continuous emergence of large farms. The same drip and sprinkler irrigation water-saving facilities agricultural area is rapidly expanding. Therefore, water soluble fertilizer is a new generation of fertilizer that is in line with more environmental protection and more sustainable development. It is also a key development topic and project for the future of China’s fertilizer industry and industry.

F. Development advantages

Traditional compound fertilizers are prone to fertilizer loss and eutrophication of water bodies. It seriously damages soil structure, nutrient disorders, etc. And it as a new environmentally friendly fertilizer to avoid the shortcomings of traditional compound fertilizer, and it is easy to use..

water soluble fertilizer

(1) High utilization rate

First of all, it can be sprayed and flushed, and can be used in combination with sprinkler and drip irrigation. However, it improves the utilization rate of fertilizer, saves agricultural water and reduces labor. Finally it adapts to the current situation of social development.

(2) More nutritional elements

First of all, with the continuous innovation of production technology, in terms of crop nutritional needs, followed by a large number of applications of ternary compound fertilizer granulated chemical fertilizer to increase yields of the times have passed. Finally, because it contains all the nutritional elements needed for crop growth, the most important can meet the farmers to increase yields and income.

(3) Promotion

In order to change the traditional fertilization habits of farmers and promote the development of water and fertilizer integration. It is also necessary for the development of the times.

(4) Reduce physiological diseases

It also has advantages that traditional compound fertilizers do not have. However, it can improve the quality of crops and reduce the physiological diseases of crops. Therefore the promotion of water soluble fertilizer is very necessary.

(5) The industry is developing rapidly

A large number of water soluble fertilizer manufacturers have emerged in the country, and the same number of companies have started out in a healthy direction. Thus the advancement of these formal companies has led to the rapid development of the industry.

(6) Broad prospects

In short, China’s water soluble fertilizer market has a bright future. Therefore, more and more water soluble fertilizers with full water solubility and full absorption are being gradually accepted by dealers and farmers. However, this has also greatly encouraged domestic enterprises to actively participate in the research, development and promotion of water soluble fertilizer industry.

(7) Water-soluble fertilizers are hotly sought after

At present, the traditional compound fertilizer market is highly competitive, and the profits are decreasing year by year.However the new fertilizer, it is more profitable than the traditional compound fertilizer. In order to pursue high profits, dealers are happy to accept and operate new fertilizers. With the strong participation of dealers, It will definitely play a role as a booster for its publicity and promotion.

(8) Scale

It has become a sizeable industry and its use is gradually moving from cash crops to field crops. However, as land intensification expands, solid fertilizer application will decrease. Therefore the application of liquid fertilizer will reduce the cost of fertilizer production and application.

(9) Raw materials

First of all and liquid fertilizer has a wide source of raw materials, in addition many substances can be used as raw materials for liquid fertilizer. Therefore it will become an indispensable scenery in our agricultural production line.

G. Cautions

①Spray application

In short, do not spray in the rain and foggy days. In addition, if the spraying within 4 hours of rain, should reduce the amount of spraying again.

② Storage

The same for unused fertilizer after opening. Store it with a tightly tied mouth to prevent moisture. Most importantly, please store it in a cool, dry place at room temperature under seal. Finally, water-soluble fertilizer does not affect the effectiveness of fertilizer if there are lumps.


The most important thing is the amount per acre. It should be blended with water concentration and the number of applications. Finally, it should be increased or decreased appropriately according to the season and crop growth.

water soluble fertilizer

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